What is Judo?

The USA has only struck gold in judo twice. Who will be next?
Founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882 with the stated goal of “the harmonious development and eventual perfection of the human character” using the principles of “maximum efficiency” and “mutual welfare.”
83 y.o. Toshikazu Okada strangles 54 y.o. David Shaughnessy at San Shi Judo Club.
Olympian Ronda Rousey demonstrates newaza at San Shi Judo Club with her Mom, World Champion AnnMaria Demars, while young female judoka learn.
United States Marines practice osaekomi waza as part of MCMAP training. San Shi Judo club is located within a few miles of Camp Pendleton and welcomes all Marines to join us.
Champion surfer and San Shi Judo Club black belt David Shaughnessy makes a call at Tokyo’s Sensō-ji temple while competing in the World Master’s competition.
Jacob Flores works up a sweat while training for the 2004 Olympic trials at San Shi Judo Club.
The founder of judo was foremost a teacher. San Shi Judo Club seeks to create strong and balanced people, young and old.